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First thing first, what is a PhD dissertation? It is a very detailed article that every student has to write on the completion of their doctoral course. One has to write this article on a topic that they get to choose themselves or on a topic that their professor chooses for them. This is virtually one of the hardest materials that a student gets to write during his or her school life.
A dissertation is critical because it usually accounts for seventy percent of a student’s total overall grade. This factor is one reason that puts a lot of pressure on a student’s shoulder due to the fact that this paper is massively important.
A doctoral dissertation is very different from the type of discourse that students usually write at the end of their undergraduate programmes. This stems in the fact that a doctoral dissertation is very extensive and detailed compared to the latter. Another difference is that a committee of very learned individuals usually evaluates a doctoral thesis and therefore it is more closely scrutinized compared to the undergraduate one. However, when we say this, we do not mean that the undergraduate dissertation is not well scrutinized, but we only stress that to show that a doctoral thesis gets to be examined more.
This document is also significant because not only does it carry 70% of a student’s overall grade meaning it determines whether one passes or fails, it also dictates one’s career path as it usually accompanies one’s curriculum vitae whenever he or she is hunting for jobs long after they are done with school.
Due to the importance of this article, we decided to form a dissertation writing service that will connect students to well-qualified professionals who can be able to provide them with a PhD dissertation proposal sample that will aid them in creating a perfect dissertation. This example is also important as it can aid them on how to cite a PhD dissertation too. A good dissertation usually has the following parts:
• A title page and an abstract- make sure that these two components are about 500 words in total.
• Introduction- this is where you present your research question. This is essentially the reason why you chose to do the particular research.
• Literature review- here you give a convincing discussion of other peoples work and how it relates to your work.
• Methods- this is the research methods that you used to collect data.
• Results- this is where you present your findings.
• Conclusion- here you give your conclusion and suggest where future research should be done
After this stage, you then make sure to include the references, bibliography and work cited section. While writing your dissertation, we will always make sure to follow the style that your committee wants you to draft your paper. Through our PhD dissertation writing services, you get to work with professionals who are qualified enough to draft you whatever paper you may want be it a PhD thesis or dissertation. Do not take chances with your career. Contact us and get quality material. CALL US now!